India Celebrate National Sports day In 2020

 India Celebrate National Sports day 2020 On 29 August

India National Sport Day 2020
National Sports Day 2020

National Sports Day 2020


National Sports Day is celebrated on August 29, 2020. National Sports Day 2020 is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyanchand. National Sports Day also emphasizes the need to stay fit and healthy. The main goal of National Sports Day is to spread awareness about the importance of sports and daily activities in the life of every person.


What is the history of National Sports Day?


National Sports Day is also known as State Sports Day. The day was first included in the list of celebrated days of 2012. National Sports Day is the focal point of attraction for enthusiastic sports lovers in the country. The main reason behind the celebration of National Sports Day is to champion the spirit of sportsmanship and spread the message of different sports.


Who is Dhyan Chand?


Dhyan Chand Singh is popularly known as the Wizard of Indian Hawks. Paddy was born on August 29, 1990, in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He was considered an invigorator in the field of hockey. From 19226 to 1948, he achieved more than 400 international goals and 1,000 goals in his 22-year career. Dhyan Chand is considered to be the best hockey player of all-time in India. The Indian hockey team led by Dhyan Chand has won several matches. He led India with 3 Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932, and 1936.


Has won three Olympic gold medals and marked his place in the pages of history. At the dawn of World War II, during 1933 Berlin Olympics, he was fascinated by Adolf Hitler's "Hockey the Wizard". Dhyan Chand is remembered for his refusal to greet the great dictator during the hockey final against Germany on 19 Chand36. Hitler was overwhelmed by Singh's performance and wanted to buy the lion's hockey stick out of praise for the three-time Olympic gold medalist.


How is National Sports Day celebrated?


Dhyan Chand's birth anniversary is widely celebrated at the national level. The Indian government has been honoring the national legend since 2012 by celebrating his birthday. On National Sports Day:


The President of India has given all sports-related awards like Arjun, Dronacharya, and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, which has made athletes and coaches proud to serve in their respective sports.

The day is celebrated with much fanfare with walkathons and football tournaments held across the country.

In the first year of the celebration, FICCI, with the support of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and other sports bodies, organized sports competitions across India.

On this special day, players of different ages take part in various sports events like Kabaddi, Marathon, Basketball, Hockey, etc.

Each year, two athletes are nominated by the selection committee for the Gem Sports Award, the country's highest sporting honor.

On this day, friends and family get together and remember the best field hockey player of all time and give route to the athlete of their choice.


Fit India Movement


In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the 'Fit India Campaign' on the occasion of National Sports Day. The goal of the nationwide campaign is to encourage people to engage in physical activity and sports in their daily lives. A committee comprising numerous government officials, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), the National Sports Federation, non-governmental organizations, and fitness promoters was created to advise the government on the Fit India movement.


The 26-member committee is headed by Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju. Among the members of the committee are 12 officials including secretary of government, sports, secondary education, AYUSH, and youth affairs. As per the guidelines of CBSE, it is planned to incorporate a fitness plan and the same in the daily physical activities of students and staff.


Many events are held under the auspices of the Fit India movement to make students realize that they are citizens of a democratic country that is culturally and religiously diverse but that there is unity in diversity and that traditional games were played by students and teachers as well.


Sports Day in other countries


Many other countries celebrate National Day on different days in their countries. Here are some of the themes:


Iran celebrates Physical Education and Sports Day on October 1 every year and Physical Education and Sports Week on October 17-23.


Japan celebrates Health and Sports Day in October. The day was first observed on October 10, 1966.


National Sports Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in October with the aim of leading a healthy life among the people of Malaysia.


Qatar celebrates National Sports Day on the second Tuesday in February to promote sports and healthy living.

Some Suggestion to celebrate National Sports Day in India


India has become a country of sports participants and not consumers of sports. A large number of people who participate in school games, especially those with a secondary background, can use their talent through this medium and get a job in a public sector company and a regular source of income. There are many countries that cannot give their athletes to get the latest sports but they give their best support and instructions. In a country like India, the institutional system of high-level training, affordable training, and laziness training camps have done more harm than good to the people. The following steps should be taken on National Sports Day;


The celebration of National Sports Day should focus in more creative ways such as establishing a special theme for each state.

To be held accountable, the government should take a list from the list of state governments to hold the central government accountable and ensure strict scrutiny of the use of valuable resources.


On National Sports Day, India should try to host games that raise awareness about sports and currently expand infrastructure in our country.


The Government of India should make arrangements by authorities capable of providing a common platform and platform for all citizens irrespective of economic class and caste.


People should participate in sporting events with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Schools should organize such programs to identify talent and with the help of sponsors and to provide the best in this competition.


The conclusion


There is no dearth of talent in a large country like India. We just have to recognize talent. Sports are a way to live a healthy and disease-free life and National Sports Day is one of the many platforms that helps spread this message across the country. Sports instill a feeling of friendship and unity among the youth. It not only makes a person's mind sharp but also makes the mind strong and active and the historical background of our country also says that those who do well in sports prove their worth not only in sports but also in life.

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